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 Animals, like humans, also suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems.And like us they can benefit from McTimoney Animal Manipulation and massage.

The treatment for animals is as gentle as its treatment for humans, it is non-invasive, does not involve anaesthetics or drugs and most animals accept the treatment readily.

The spinal function is assessed by palpation before the treatment is carried out. The aims are to correct the alignment of bones of the spine and other joints of the body, to restore nerve function, to alleviate pain and maintain health, soundness and performance.

Massage helps to improve circulation to the muscles so that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells more quickly and wastes and toxic debris are eliminated from the body.

This will aid in the repair of damaged tissue.

The treatment is holistic and the whole body is assessed and treated to eliminate the cause, not just to deal with the symptoms.

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